5 Do’s and Don’ts for How Job Seekers Should Work with a Staffing Agency

As a job seeker in the trade industry, you may have considered different avenues to evaluate potential new roles. Maybe you have scoured Indeed and other online job sites, or you’ve been checking in with friends and networking for referrals. Like many tradespeople, finding the exact right fit—a company you like, a role that is challenging, and good benefits—can be difficult. With a national shortage in skilled labor and lots of open positions, many job seekers are turning to staffing agencies to help them cut through the noise and find the perfect match.

Five do’s and don’ts to ensure a beneficial partnership with a staffing company

  1. DON’T always choose to work with the first staffing agency you find.Different staffing companies cater to different needs. If your particular skill set is focused on a certain industry or trade, consider searching for staffing agencies that have relationships with companies in that space. To be sure you partner with the right agency, evaluate a few and consider how they are rated, any awards they’ve won, and the industries they serve.
  2. DO have a running list of questions to ask.Keep a list handy of questions you want to cover with each agency you evaluate. Be sure to note their answers and compare against other staffing companies. As the candidate, ask questions about items most important to you, like work requirements, responsibilities, and any contract concerns or particulars.
  3. DON’T show up to the interview the way you would show up on a job site.We get it. Your daily attire may not be a suit and tie but be sure to keep yourself tidy and professional when it comes to an on-site or virtual interview. Have resume copies handy even if you emailed them before or applied online to the job – you never know who you’ll be meeting with and who has seen your resume or not. First impressions matter and someone who comes prepared will always beat out someone who has not done their homework.
  4. DO be honest about your specific needs.Whether it’s a certain location, benefits, or other requirement, be completely honest about what you’re looking for. Staffing company employees chat with so many different companies and each situation is truly unique. By being upfront and clear about your own career needs, they can better match you with a company that hits the mark.
  5. DON’T become radio silent with your recruiter.One of the worst things to do when working with a staffing company is to go dark on them. You may have already been through the discovery process where they explore all your wants and needs in a new role. From that point on, be sure to maintain consistent, open communication with your recruiter. If you’ve landed a role elsewhere, just tell them! They’d rather you be communicative and honest than spend time searching for a role you don’t need.

Working with a staffing agency can be one of the most rewarding, easy, and beneficial things you can do when it comes to your career and finding a new job opportunity. Follow these five simple steps and you’ll be sure to maximize the advantage of a staffing company.

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