Benefits of Using a Recruiter to Find Your Next Construction Job

By Greg Hullinger, VP Skilled Trades Division

When you work with a recruiter to find a construction job, you increase your chances of finding a position that suits your career and personal needs. If you are skeptical that a recruiter can truly help you find a great construction job, consider the following benefits:

Long-Term Possibilities

There is a common misconception that the only kind of work available through a staffing company is short-term, temporary work. While recruiters can find short-term assignments, they also offer opportunities for full-time employment. Depending upon your goal, a recruiter can place you in a long-term assignment, short-term assignment, or even a direct hire position with the client.

Many companies also use a temp-to-hire approach, which always leaves open the possibility of a company hiring a contingent worker, full-time. These arrangements are like trial periods, so that you can get to know the role and company culture and determine if it is a right fit.
A temporary assignment can be long, lasting for years in some cases. While the length of an assignment is usually dictated by the amount of work available, the odds of extending an assignment increase dramatically if you demonstrate considerable value. Contingent labor who shows they are efficient, friendly, and have the ability to learn on the job can easily make their assignment last longer than its original intended time.

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Depending upon the staffing agency and hiring company, the benefits offered will vary. A range of possible benefits includes 401(k), medical insurance, dental insurance, paid time off, and other benefits commonly associated with full-time employment. Because they are technically the employer of record, staffing agencies often make the determination in this area. To be competitive, a staffing agency often will provide some level of benefits so that they can keep their job candidates happy.

An Opportunity to Use and Learn Specialized Skills

There is a common misconception that staffing agencies only place for entry-level jobs. While recruiters do offer these, businesses use recruiters to fill skilled, highly specialized jobs, especially in the construction space. Recruiters are highly motivated to maintain a roster of highly skilled, specialized talent to help fill job vacancies in their client companies.

Consider working with an agency if you want to maintain your proficiency with certain skilled work, or if you want to explore training to enhance your current skill set. Even if you don’t find permanent work through a recruiter, there’s always the possibility of learning skills on the job, as many companies provide on-the-job training to contingent labor.

Connecting qualified workers with respectable companies and well-paying construction jobs is what NSC specializes in. Connect with us to learn more about finding your next job.

Greg Hullinger, VP Skilled Trades Division

Greg Hullinger, VP Skilled Trades Division

Greg Hullinger is the leader of NSC’s Skilled Trades division, a team dedicated to helping industrial and commercial clients staff projects with the business’s best tradespeople. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the division, ensuring continued growth for the organization and its people.

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