Family-Owned Distribution Center Partners with NSC to Optimize Production

The client required a unique workforce for their distribution center to operate at peak performance. NSC provided qualified talent through a customized temp-to-hire solution that fit the client’s needs.

Distribution Center for Recreational Parts

Travel and Tourism

Seattle, WA

The client couldn’t keep up with business demands due to high employee turnover rates and communication issues with their current staffing provider


Employee turnover rates decreased while productivity increased

Business Problem

Due to substandard service and poor communication through their current staffing provider, the client couldn’t attract or retain enough skilled labor to keep up with business demands. These inefficiencies led the client to seek other workforce solutions to staff their distribution center.

Action Taken

Unsatisfactory execution of staffing services led the client to NSC, who implemented a unique solution to attract and retain skilled talent that improved production and decreased turnover within the client’s distribution center.

NSC Delivered

  • A custom solution to fit the client’s needs
  • Access to top skilled labor
  • All pre-screening and hiring of skilled labor
  • Reduction in downtime and increased productivity
  • Reduction of turnover
  • Improved communication efforts

The Outcome

NSC delivered a customized temp-to-hire solution that led to improved production efficiencies that other staffing providers could not execute, resulting in a successful, long-lasting partnership.

Let’s Work Together

Whether you need contingent labor, a temp-to-hire program, or customized on-site services, we bring decades of unparalleled expertise and integrity to every project. We believe that by equipping individuals with specialized skills and businesses with those individuals, people and communities will thrive.

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