Welder Non Local CONUS

Location: New Orleans, LA
Employment Type: Contract to Hire
Posted 2 weeks ago
NSC Technologies is hiring Structural Welders for immediate shipyard work in New Orleans, LA.  We believe people should love what they do – in this role, you will be responsible for:
•    Welding of aluminum materials in all positions.  Must be able to work from standing, sitting, lying and kneeling positions.  Some work must be accomplished with the use of mirror welding.
•    Climbing on and over bulkheads, up and down ladders.
•    Tack welding (kneeling, standing, sitting, lying, overhead burning of steel, dragging torch line)
•    Use of jacks, porta-powers and come-a longs; some of which can weigh as much as 25 lbs.
•    Lifting of material and tools (jacks, porta-powers, come-a longs, etc.  Also loading and unloading of parts.
•    Crawling through craft on top of tees and through manholes
•    Bending and twisting of your body as needed to get into different compartments.
•    Operation of cranes, forklifts
•    Use of power tools (gougers, skill saws, cut saws, grinders).  All require two hands on tools to operate in safe manner
•    Walking on tops of frames and tees (uneven walking surfaces)
•    Need to be able to work with your hands.
•    1-3 years of related experience.
•    Demonstrated skills based on the results of the welding test.
•    Note: Level will be determined based on relevant experience, scope of role, skills, etc
Education Requirements:
•    High school diploma or GED certificate
Essential Physical Demand Requirements:
Physical demands described have been validated by on-site job analysis.  They are representative of the physical demands that must be met by an employee to successfully and safely perform the essential functions of this job.  The following information is a synopsis of key physical demand requirements determined from a detailed job analysis:
Postural:  Must have the ability to move extremities and spine throughout a sufficient range of motion that will permit the employee to work in a variety of postures involving a range from floor to overhead level.  Flexing and twisting of the trunk and other awkward postures are occasionally required.
Dexterity:  Must have a good dexterity and frequently use one and two hands throughout the work period for hand tools and handling materials.
Cardiorespiratory Demand:  Must have sufficient cardiorespiratory fitness to be able to perform medium work involving constant standing and walking, material handling and performing work in a hot, humid environment. 
General Physical Activities:  Include standing, walking, sitting, stooping, kneeling, squatting, body twisting, sense of touch, manual dexterity, speaking clearly, seeing distant/reading, reaching, hearing, depth perception, color vision, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, climbing ladders, climbing stairs and balancing.
Physical Demand Level - Medium:  Must be able to perform medium physical labor as classified by the United States Department of Labor. May be required to lift up to 35 pounds for a single person lift, and up to 70 pounds team lift