What Should You Wear to Your Warehouse Interview?

By Lucinda Comer

Warehouse work is typically done wearing boots and jeans, so it only makes sense to wear them to an interview, right?

Well, if you want to maximize your chances of getting hired, probably not.

When you walk in the door for an interview, a hiring manager wants to see a candidate who really cares about making a good impression and dressing as casually as possible doesn’t send that message.

What to wear

It’s important to feel comfortable, so if you’re not used to wearing button-down shirts – go with business casual clothes. For men, this typically means a pair of khakis and a polo shirt or other shirt with a collar. A shirt and tie is acceptable, but a suit is probably too formal.

For women, business casual means a nice shirt or blouse and dress pants. A dress or skirt can be appropriate, as long as it isn’t too flamboyant or too revealing.

You want to dress to impress, but don’t want to go overboard and have your clothes become a distraction.

Other tips for making a good impression

In addition to dressing to impress, there are several other factors to keep in mind when trying to make a good impression.

First of all, you need to be on time. Showing up late to an interview won’t be tolerated by even the most lenient hiring managers. On the other hand, you don’t want to show up more than 15 minutes early either.

Another way to make a good first impression is to show up with only the bare essentials. A copy of your resume and any certifications you have are all you really need. These materials should all be organized and easily accessible. Put your phone away unless it’s absolutely necessary and relevant to the interview.

You also want to walk into an interview with the right mindset to make a good first impression. Make it a point to be outgoing and proactive in your interactions with people. That can be difficult if you’re a natural introvert but realize that people will appreciate your efforts to reach out and be friendly. Even just looking people in the eye as you shake their hand can go a long way to making a good impression.

Often, doing some background research on a company can give you some easy conversation material. It also shows people you talk to that you are very interested in the company and can increase your chances of getting hired.

Finally, when talking to people at the company, try to make a personal connection with everyone you meet. Ask people about where they went to school or where they grew up. Finding a personal connection can put both you and the person you are talking to at ease.

At NSC, we are constantly working with job candidates to help them land promising professional opportunities. Feel free to contact us to see what opportunities we have in store.

Lucinda Comer

Lucinda Comer

As NSC’s VP of our Light Industrial division, Lucinda Comer is responsible for leading a dedicated team focused on offering strategic and innovative workforce solutions for manufacturing, assembly, automotive, general warehouse, logistics, fulfillment, distribution, and food and beverage clients. She joined NSC in 2019 to help our clients realize exceptional value through collaborative planning and building high performing teams.

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