Aluminum Industry Provider Reduces Workplace Injuries by 100%

The client leveraged their existing relationship with NSC to provide a custom temp-to-hire program to increase production efficiencies in melting, casting, scrap-handling, and processing to meet their growing business demand while improving safety measures and reducing workplace injuries.

Provider to the aluminum industry for recycled alloy needs

Aluminum Industry

Wabash, IN

Lack of skilled labor to keep up with growing business demands and high numbers of recordable injuries increasing workers compensation costs


The client utilized a custom temp-to-hire program and reduced recordable injuries

Business Problem

The client lacked the internal hiring capabilities needed to keep up with workforce demands and aluminum ingots and sows. Identifying, training, and retaining qualified candidates to work near furnaces that ranged from 800 to 1200 degrees for twelve-hour shifts was challenging. In addition, safety measures were not executed properly resulting in an average of six recordable injuries per year due to burns.

Action Taken

NSC developed a temp-to-hire program to attract, screen, train, and retain skilled associates until they advanced to a full-time position with the client at 150 hours. This allowed the client to assess talent in real-time and ensure they were a fit within the organization.

NSC Delivered

  • A custom solution to fit the client’s needs
  • Access to top talent
  • Increased earning opportunities including heat pay and safety bucks
  • Increased flexibility and scalability to scale on demand
  • Reduction in employee-related costs
  • Onboarding, safety, and compliance training
  • Improved safety measures
  • New PPE program which included Vinex jackets ($9200 initial investment), chaps, face guards, and boot covers to minimize exposure while working in the smelting area

The Outcome

At production peak, NSC provided 40 associates in a temp-to-hire program for the client, allowing them to grow from 1 trailer filled with scrap metals to over 200 to meet their customers’ demands. Production efficiencies improved, associates moved through the program with ease, new safety measures were implemented, and investments were made to reduce burn injuries.

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